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A Brief History of Halloween

Each year on October 31st people from all over celebrate Halloween. A favorite of children and those who like to tap into their "inner child", Halloween is a day to dress up in costume, hand out candy (usually to children), and try to frighten each other and ourselves with spooky stories. Full Story »

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    Samhain and the Early Years Of Halloween

    The history of Halloween reveals that the earliest years of the holiday are dramatically different from how the holiday is currently celebrated by most people. While there are various subcultures that still celebrate Halloween as the ancients once did, most people only stick to some of the most current traditions associated with the holiday. Full Story »

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    Origins Of The Halloween Costume

    Early Halloween costumes were designed to protect the wearers from the dead and were designed to be as gruesome as possible. These costumes were always home-made and people would spend a great deal of time perfecting theirs in time for Halloween. Full Story »

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    Origins Of The Jack O Lantern

    Most people will think of pumpkins with carved faces and lights inside them when they think about Jack O Lanterns, but this is not how this symbol of Halloween began. The true origins of the Jack O Lantern go way back into Irish history where there are two versions of how the lantern came into existence – the story of Stingy Jack and the Celtic festival of Samhain. Full Story »

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When did the legend of Dracula become popular? Did real people ever believe that actual vampires would rise from the dead to feed on them?